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The Troll Files

the troll is out there

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Got a troll infestation? Found a snaggle tooth and trying to decide if it came from a troll? Did a troll just ruin your day? Want to brag about your troll-smackdown?

We can help.

This is a place where you can share experiences with trolls, whether just sharing their flames or having a healthy laugh about what became of them. Got a troll-smacking tip? Share it. Not sure if a post is from a troll or someone who just has no tact? Trying to decide about banning them? We'll throw in our two cents.


1) This is not a "sic 'em community". All sources must be anonymous, so do not say who posted it nor link to it. I will not tolerate calls to harass other LJers. If someone is a significant problem, contact the community mod (where it happened) or lj_abuse.

2) Be courteous to other users. We are all here to vent about irritating posts and posters and make each other feel better.

3) All quote posts must be marked as "friends-only". General discussion, or non-quoted references can be "public".

4) The usual guidelines: no OT comm promos, no redirecting comments to your own LJ, use LJ-cut for long posts, etc.

Your mod is sdragon, who jabs trolls for fun and egoistical profit.

* * * *

1) A person who makes posts (on newsgroups or other forums) that are solely intended to incite controversy or conflict, or cause annoyance or offense.

2) A post that is intended to incite controversy or cause offense. (Many posts may inadvertently cause strife as collateral damage, but they are not trolls.)

-- from Wikipedia: Internet Troll

Icon forthcoming.